How to Lose 20lbs Next Month

In my sixteen years as a personal trainer and coach the one challenge that eludes most people is losing fat weight. Many of my clients express that they just can't seem to get their food intake to a point where they don’t feel hungry and still lose fat weight.  Inevitably the hunger pangs catch up to them.




It's unfortunate, but with all of the good information available, too many people still believe that they have to practically starve themselves to lose fat weight. It's true, you do lose weight from cutting calories, but it's not all fat weight, and inevitably the weight comes back.


It’s certainly not for lack of trying.  Go to any magazine store and look at the magazine covers. Practically every women’s magazine has some new diet on the cover.  Book stores are overflowing with diet books too, and yet we are growing fatter as a nation.


There are many reasons why people don't succeed at the fat loss game in both losing the fat and keeping it off for long term.  Generally speaking, in order to lose fat you need to reduce your calories and get more exercise.  But is that the best way? Is it really that simple? For some people it is, and for others, I’m sorry to say that it is not easy at all.


Yo Yo Dieting

Some people have other factors that prevent their bodies from losing fat weight. The most common cause is what I call “crippled metabolism” syndrome. This happens to the person who is habitually on a diet.  The very act of dieting crushes their metabolism and fat weight returns easily.


At first they lose weight fast, but cutting too many calories slows down the body's metabolism. After about 5-6 weeks weight loss can come to a plateau where no weight comes off. At this point dieters typically cut their calories even more. The weight starts to come off again but at a cost. The body's metabolic furnace is running cold and as soon as the diet is over the pounds come back on fast and furious.  The dieting cycle may continue over a period of months or years and can cripple one's attempts to lose fat.


Another factor that make losing fat weight difficult is stress.




Let’s face it, we live in stressful times.  If you have a personal relationship, kids, and a career then you have the potential for chaos at any moment.  If you are constantly under stress, your body is making it very difficult to lose fat because it is doing a very good job at storing it. This is a direct response to stress. How we manage the stress response is vitally important in being able to not gain weight.


Age is Also a Factor

Getting older certainly has it’s perks. We grow wiser and seem to be able to enjoy and appreciate life more as we age.  But for many people getting older also means slowing down and getting fat. It's no secret that there’s a change in metabolism and a change in hormones that can add up to some extra padding on your bones if you’re not careful. But it doesn't have to be that way.


Are You Toxic?


Even though the human body does an amazing  job of cleansing itself, the amount of toxic elements that we are bombarded with, the liver, kidneys, blood, and lymphatic systems are over taxed and they can’t keep up with the load.


Imagine never changing the oil filter in your car. Sure your car will run, but how well, and for how long? And while it’s running this way, is performance optimal? Isn’t it predictable that gas mileage will suffer and that the wear and tear will shorten engine life? Yes, yes, and yes!


We need to educate people regarding food and environmental toxicity and stress, as well as how to eat in a way that gets the body to use stored fat as energy and to stop the vicious cycle of storing body fat. In order to do this we need to clean out all of the toxins and garbage that is stored within fatty tissue.  If you have a lot of fat to lose you most likely are storing a fair amount of toxicity within the fat.


This ends part one of this blog post. Keep an eye open for Part 2 where I'll share with you some awesome solutions you can use to once and for all get a handle on losing fat weight and keeping it off for life!


To your best health,









Lawrence Wasserman
Owner/Body Basics Fitness

5 Powder Horn Drive Warren, NJ 07059

p: 908.605-0775








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